Leonurus cardiaca which means Lion (Leo) Heart (cardiaca) or commonly called Motherwort is an amazing herb for the heart, and also for women’s reproductive system.  I had a friend come to me with issues related to menopause, hot flashes, rapid heart rate, chills, and mood changes.  I just happened to be growing a beautiful stand of Motherwort, and I said that I would prepare a tincture for her.  The aerial parts of the plant are used for this purpose, and I used 75 % ethanol as a solution, but I could have gotten away with about 55% as that is the amount that is alcohol soluble in this plant. The other 45% is water soluble so I guess I could have saved a little money by cutting the percentage, but I am fine with that.  Iridoids like Leonurides and others are some of the main constituents that are indicated for Motherwort.  It is a nervine which can help with mood swings.  It is a fantastic emmenagogue for proper uterine conditions.  It is a great cardiotonic, and hypotensive that help to regulate and tonify the heart, and circulatory system.  Here is a picture of the plant just before flowering as that is when all the proper “Qi energy” is stored at this stage of growth:


I prepared the tincture fresh but slightly wilted as to release some unwanted moisture, but to still capture the vibrant energy.  I did let her know that with excessive use, Motherwort can interfere with other cardiovascular treatments and that she should consult her primary physician before undergoing a course of this medication.


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151221171513-winter-solstice-exlarge-169.jpg     It is that time again.  The winter solstice and it is a full moon as well.  Sol – Meaning Sun, and Stice (Sistere) – Meaning still.  It is the time of year where the sun stands still on its astro trajectory.  Tomorrow will be the suns journey back to the spring equinox, summer solstice, and the autumn equinox.  The cycle continues as it always has.  This has been an amazing year for me, and I am extremely grateful for everything that has transpired in my life.  This year I will be posting very often, as I have a journey myself.  Thank you very much for stopping by, and please look forward to more posts from me.


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Amazing…  Time really flies.  The Autumn is here again.  Time to reflect on the harvest, and I look forward to harvesting what I grew that will get me through a hard winter.  With this reflection, I look to a bottle of apple wine that I made back in 2015.


She has been aging for the past 3 years, and I believe it is about time that I adorn her with a label of my own artwork.  I will let her sit for another couple of years, and then enjoy her on a cold winter evening.  I will reflect on where I gathered the apples. I picked them in Boyertown outside of the city.


Frecon farms:

What a memory…  I gathered the apples (eating one I plucked off the tree), and made it home to ferment the ambrosia.


I believe that it is time, yet again, to leave the city, and run into the arms of Autumn.  Winter is right around the corner, and that is what it is all about isn’t it?  Time and cycles.  Work, and memories.  You have this moment in the perpetual cycle of life…  If you don’t have lemons for lemonade, then maybe take some apples, and make some apple wine.  Before you know it, it will be winter all over again.


“I will astonish Paris with an apple” – Paul Cezanne



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