Leonurus cardiaca which means Lion (Leo) Heart (cardiaca) or commonly called Motherwort is an amazing herb for the heart, and also for women’s reproductive system.  I had a friend come to me with issues related to menopause, hot flashes, rapid heart rate, chills, and mood changes.  I just happened to be growing a beautiful stand of Motherwort, and I said that I would prepare a tincture for her.  The aerial parts of the plant are used for this purpose, and I used 75 % ethanol as a solution, but I could have gotten away with about 55% as that is the amount that is alcohol soluble in this plant. Iridoids like Leonurides and others are some of the main constituents that are indicated for Motherwort.  It is a nervine which can help with mood swings.  It is a fantastic emmenagogue for proper uterine conditions.  It is a great cardiotonic, and hypotensive that help to regulate and tonify the heart, and circulatory system.  Here is a picture of the plant just before flowering as that is when all the proper “Qi energy” is stored at this stage of growth:


I prepared the tincture fresh but slightly wilted as to release some unwanted moisture, but to still capture the vibrant energy.  I did let her know that with excessive use, Motherwort can interfere with other cardiovascular treatments and that she should consult her primary physician before undergoing a course of this medication.


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